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Borehole Drilling

What is a borehole?
A borehole is a constructed hole in the ground from which groundwater can be abstracted.  The hole is drilled by a drilling rig.  The construction of the borehole is finished by installing a casing preventing collapse.
What is groundwater?
It is the water found in the subsurface in the saturated zone below the water table.  

How do I find water?
There are various methods to determine the best possible drilling location, but the most often used are:

Scientific methods:
Geophysics (Magnetometer, Resistivity Meter, Aerial Photography)

Non-scientific methods:
(Water "dowsing" L-Rods, Y-Rods etc.)

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Borehole Drilling

Pump Installation

We provide water borehole drilling services.  Drilling is done with modern and efficient machinery.  We have years of experience to help make your project a success.
We provide a complete pump installation service.  From submersible borehole pumps, booster pumps & water tank installations.

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We pride ourselves on reliable, honest and excellent customer service.  The owner is involved in the day to day running of the business, thus ensuring you the best possible service